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Playground Markings & Games

We use the high quality, long lasting thermoplastic markings which will last far longer than spray painted markings. They provide a stimulating and cost effective way of helping children learn outdoors whilst brightening up a dull and uninspiring playground surface.

You can be sure of finding a solution to match your needs; from literacy and numeracy resources and traditional playground favourites like hopscotch and snakes and ladders, to sports areas, roadways and science and geography activities – we have them all covered!

Our playground line markings are popular, mainly because they’re incredibly long-lasting and are vibrantly coloured.  We use bright preformed designs as well as our freehand more affordable option for those on a tighter budget.

From start to finish, there is always someone on-site to go through each and every process with you. Our friendly team of qualified staff are always happy to help.

Parking bays
Circle Grid
Letter Grid
Car Track
Lowercase alphabet set in solid coloured geometric shapes
Lowercase alphabet spiral
No dogs preformed thermoplastic logo
No-smoking preformed thermoplastic logo
Numbered lilypads
Preformed thermoplastic butterfly
Preformed thermoplastic caterpillar
Preformed thermoplastic dragon-fly
Preformed thermoplastic fish
Preformed thermoplastic rainbow
1-10 Outline hopscotch
1-10 Outline rocket hopscotch
1-10 Solid coloured snake
1-10 Standard hopscotch
1-20 Number ladder
1-29 Number spiral (outline)
1-100 Number grid
Basic clock
Combined compass and clock
Complete playground markings
Friendship logo
Geometric shapes
Ground Target with throw lines
Alphabet Snake outline
1-10 Hopscotch set in solid coloured blocks