Alpha Marking Services

Making space work

Specialise in marking school and recreational playground, outdoor sport courts and car parks

Alpha Marking can turn your grey, drab empty area into a bright, colourful, imaginative, educational fund space that will inspire children to learn, help them to keep fit, encourage good behaviour and stimulate and extend classroom knowledge. We can reline/reliven your car park to improve your image and provide customer parking including disabled and parent and child parking.

Playground games

You can be sure of finding a solution to match your needs, from literacy and numeracy resources and traditional playground favourites like hopscotch and snakes and ladders to sports areas, roadways, and science and geography activities.

Car Park Linding

For important projects like new car parks, improving or modifying them to bring them into line with regulations, you need a company you can depend on to provide you with a quality assured marking service. Alpha Marking Services offers a friendly, professional, reliable service and offers free no-obligation quotes.

Sports Courts & Fitness Markings

Our sports court markings are durable, touch, and will last far longer than spray-painted markings. They provide a stimulating and cost-effective way of helping children to learn outdoors whilst brightening up a dull and uninspiring